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Yard Signs

We offer high quality, high visibility 24" x 18" yard signs. They are custom-made with your 10-digit phone number on double-sided corrugated vinyl with heavy duty metal stand. (The cost of a comparable sign & numbers at Home Depot or Menard's is approximately $25.)

We can print your yard sign(s) with a QR code. This lets prospective renters link to your listing on a smart phone. The code is programmable, so you can switch it to another unit.

Apartment ConNeXTion yard sign

You will receive your sign via UPS about a week after receipt of your order. The price of just $19 will be billed on your next listing invoice.

Manage Existing Listings

Enter your Account # in the field below
Your Account # is below your address on your last invoice. It consists of letters and/or other characters with no spaces.
Choose to display all your listings or just the current active ones
Your listings will be displayed in ascending rent order.
Click on the photo in the listing to bring up the more information display
Click the "Change" button and type your changes into the text box.
Click "Save Changes"
Changes in by 5:00 PM uploaded the next weekday morning.
We review for accuracy and Equal Housing Opportunity compliance.
Call 855-699-RENT (7368) or email

Online Photo Brochure

Enhance your online listing with a photo brochure
The "more information" link in your online listing automatically includes an enlarged exterior photo, location map, social share links and email owner form. You may add up to 18 interior photos plus floor plans and supplemental description text.
Photo and image requirements
Digital landscape mode (width greater than height) photos only.
Do not resize - send largest size from highest quality camera setting in .jpg file format.
Minimum submission requirement: Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom
Photo upload
Login with your account # (see Manage Existing Listings above) and find the listing for your photos.
Bring up "more information" display by clicking the listing photo.
Click the "Upload" button.
You will click through three separate upload steps - exterior photo, up to 18 interior photos, and floorplans for up to 3 levels. Each is a separate upload step and may be skipped by clicking the "Continue" button.
Please be sure to identify the rooms in the fields under each interior photo once they are uploaded.
We may crop the images, adjust flash flare / window glare and assemble the photos in our standard brochure order.
Call 855-699-RENT (7368) or email

Owner Testimonials

Most of our display advertisers have marketed their properties through us for many years. The fact that these large apartment communities and big professional property management companies consistently use APARTMENT ConNeXTion to market their rentals is a testimonial to our effectiveness.

APARTMENT ConNeXTion gives small owners a rental marketing opportunity that had been traditionally available only to large apartment communities and property management companies. Your listing is displayed right next to the big owner's ads in the same listing format.

Comments from a few of our small owner advertisers appear below:

Rented in just two days online. Got a good, qualified tenant. APARTMENT ConNeXTion works great every time!
Jim Allen (4 duplexes)

I work full time and operate my rentals in my spare time. I really could not do it successfully without APARTMENT ConNeXTion. They do a fantastic marketing job for me. Renters have seen their description and interior photos before they call. So I only spend time with people who actually want to rent my unit.
Craig Helke (9 units, 6 buildings)

My only advertising over the past 10 years has been with APARTMENT ConNeXTion. I was a bit nervous last summer with 3 openings coming up. They advised me to increase the rents above where I suggested. All three rented promptly with no vacancy time. I had lots of inquiries and was able to pick good tenants for all units. Absolutely love their service.
Leah Larson (4-plex owner)

We listed our condominium several times with APARTMENT ConNeXTion. It always rents quickly. The last two times we rented it without any showings. They saw the description and inside pictures online, called us from out-of-town, said they wanted it, and paid the deposit as soon as we approved their applications. It couldn't be easier.
Donald Meyer (single condominium owner)

APARTMENT ConNeXTion works all the time, so I use it all the time. It really is simple!
Warren Pope (6 units, 2 buildings)

Connect with Every Renter

APARTMENT ConNeXTion covered four Wisconsin market areas in 2015. The total covered population was approximately 630,000. There are about 237,000 households consisting of 156,000 owner occupied and 81,000 rental households (U.S. Census Data). The estimated annual rental turnover rate is 50% (National Apartment Association and Institute for Real Estate Management). Therefore, our market areas covered roughly 40,500 rental moves per year. Google Analytics data indicates that virtually all rental movers used APARTMENT ConNeXTion to search for their next rental home.

Google Analytics OVERVIEW 01January2015 - 31December2015 for
Google Analytics OVERVIEW 01January2015 - 31December2015 for

After subtracting 35% returning visitors from 205,723 sessions, users (new visitors) totaled 133,612. This is over three unique website visitors (prospective renters) for every rental vacancy.

Although many websites boast just the total visitor count, the more relevant metric is "Engagement" on the website. Engagement measures the quality of the visits. The length of the session and pages viewed indicate visits with sufficient activity to be renters searching our website for rentals that meet their criteria: navigating to the desired area, selecting sort or search parameters, reading & comparing listings, and clicking for more information on their favorite listings.

Google Analytics ENGAGEMENT 01January2015 - 31December2015 for
Google Analytics ENGAGEMENT 01January2015 - 31December2015 for

We selected sessions lasting over three minutes as the threshold for a legitimate active user search. These represent only 30% (58,688) of the total sessions, but include 70% (724,807) of the pages viewed. The weighted average of these sessions lasted 13.5 minutes and viewed 12.5 pages. These sessions represent individual users finding rentals that meet their preferences and interacting with their favorites for more information. We classify them as the Comprehensive Search group.

The sessions lasting between 1 and 3 minutes viewed an average of six pages. These 28,997 sessions are long enough to provide useful information, but not to conduct a comprehensive search. This set consists of returning visitors from the Comprehensive Search group. They return to access their saved selections or quickly search for new listings similar to their existing selections.

Discounting the 58,688 sessions in the Comprehensive Search group by the 35% returning visitor rate produces 38,147 unique Comprehensive Search visitors. Against the cited annual rental turnover rate of 40,500, we confidently conclude that over 90% of all renters in our markets actively used our website in their rental search.

Follow Us

As a service to our owners, we use our LinkedIn page to post current information of general interest to apartment owners. We cover everything from rent trends, community business development / new employment, legislative changes affecting apartment owners, marketing tips / trends and relevant national research.

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